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Hair Transplant Innovations

Hair transplant surgery has evolved with the use of newer instruments and techniques to create better aesthetic outcomes.

Specialized microscopes have been designed exclusively for hair transplant surgery with improved brightness and a larger viewing area to carefully harvest follicular units (natural groups of hair) of better quality.

Precision ultra-thin hair transplant blades have been created to help make smaller incisions at the recipient sites, allowing quicker healing and minimal scab formation. It also makes it easier to insert grafts closer together, improving hair density, and to design the angle and direction of each recipient site so as to achieve natural orientation of the hair.

Your doctor uses the latest techniques of hair restoration that reduce tension on the donor site, improving healing and minimizing scar formation. Restoration of hair on the bald spot is done artistically by creating a natural looking whorl pattern (the circular pattern of hair growth) to suit your appearance and hair type.